Abhijit Bhowmik
I have always kept the motto to help others who struggle in their life to reach their desired goals and pave the path for them to ensure a better future. Despite having 13 years of experience in the tech industry I am still learning and enjoy doing research on several topics. I have given my priorities to my country i.e Bangladesh first to take it’s IT industry to a new height. I have my own IT company Workspace infolink and running at a full swing. Always looking forward to try something new and young talents are always welcome. Read More…
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aiub logo 2019 - Present
2019 - Present

Associate Professor and Special Assistant (Office of Student Affairs)

American International University – Bangladesh

aiub logo 2012 - 2019
2012 - 2019

Senior Assistant Professor and Special Assistant (Office of Student Affairs)

American International University – Bangladesh

aiub logo 2009 - 2012
2009 - 2012


American International University – Bangladesh

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wsit modified 2009 - Present
2009 - Present

Co-Founder and Chairman

Workspace Infotech Limited

2009 - Present
2009 - Present

Co-Founder and Director

Workspace Infotech Australia Private Limited

2009 - Present
2009 - Present

Professional Consultant

Software Companies/ Startups


2009 - Present
2009 - Present


BASIS Standing Committee on Local Market

2009 - Present
2009 - Present


BASIS Standing Committee on International Market Development

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Bangladesh Computer Council 1

I've been featured on...

I've been featured on...

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Abhijit Bhowmik

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